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What happens when you get stuck only talking in questions? 

Do you start to see everything in question form? 

Is the whole weekend a series of questions? 

Us: what if no-one turns up?

They: What have we got ourselves into?

We: How do you affect me and I affect you? 

When will it start raining? 

Which pub shall we go to? 

What are you filming this logistical conversation? 

How do we show the seams of the work? 

How could we ever convey what happened here? 

Why do some people like getting muddy and some people don’t? 

Isn’t it weird how there’s so many connections between us? 

If this mud were fake tan, what would its name be? 

How do you morris dance in the woods? 

And how does that song go? 

What does it feel like to have antlers? 

What kind of pasty would a forest spirit eat? 

How gets the last 2 nut roasts? 

Why do we cry when we laugh so hard? 

Why do we laugh to cover up our uncomfortability? 

Why don’t we laugh like this more often? 

What is the line of uncomfortability? 

And how do we cross it? When should we not?

How can a weekend feel like 20 years and also 20 seconds? 

How did we build a history together?

How can we build a future together? 

How do we combine what we know to all come out changed? 

When we sidestep the patterns of our lives - what do we remember? 

And when we all go home…will we forget again? 




That tree malarky/It’s just not for me you see/That were alight, that. 


Laughter is language/ That is a fundamental/To connecting us 


Why is forest school/an add-on taught on tuesdays/schools should have no walls 


Adults know too much/always thinking they are right/know less, forget more. 


Want to come and play?/Why do kids get all the fun?/adult forest school. 

The Impossible Tasks 



Name the wind without a body to reference it against

Name love without the people 

Name fear without the monster 

Make a film that isn’t a documentary 

Make a record that is live 

Make a document that doesn’t record 

Create a thing that ecompasses the whole - but captures the parts 

Communicate something that isn’t a representation 



Keep it equal  - but with disparity in pay 

Make it collaborative - whilst also leading 

Make it accessible - but on paths that just aren’t 

Embed reflection - when there isn't the time 

Be led by values - in conditions that don’t 

Trust in the process - while the panic takes over 

Gather the people - not knowing where they are.

Collective Wye?

Kenning Manifesto 

Earth Painters
Clock Stoppers 
Word Weavers
Root Planters
Question Askers 
Attention Givers 
Movement Manifestors

Earth Steppers
Tree Lovers
Bridge crossers
Muddy Mixers

Route Scouters
Land Foragers
Cloud Expanders
System Evaluators
Joyful Rebels
Cycle Sustainers 

Forest Explorers
Joyful Wanderers
Playful Creators
Mycelium Spreaders
Future Makers

Task 1

I got dirtier 
I stayed still longer 
I laughed more 
I was the moment
I was aware 
I moved more 
I had conversations about things I didn’t know about
I learnt things
I remembered things 
I forgot things 

I thought about: 
Soil fake tan
How to unfix our thinking
How to unknown 
How humour and laughter can connect people 
How to step outside our regular ways of being 
How alternative ways of being are possible
The roles we play in groups 
The necessity of all of the parts of the process 
Noting things
Morris dancing 

I felt energised 
I felt content 
I felt joyful 
I felt connected 
I felt playful
I felt that is was possible for things to be different 



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