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it's rude to ask: how old are you?
as if it is a thing of shame 
21 again they wink 
and so begins the silly game  

But I don't want to play the game 
And have to hide the number 
So why do we keep doing it?
you really have to wonder.........

I hate that the rhetoric is 
we dread each added year
I hate that someone told us that 
our age equates to fear 

I don't know when the tables turned 
and growing up was getting old 
"all the best years now behind us"
is the stupid lie we're told 

Age is just a number....
well, i'd like to disagree 
Age is all the living
that I have inside of me 

What we know and who we are 
Is not a thing to hide 
our superpower is our age
that we should shout with pride 

all eyes on me 
black eye
apple of my eye 
see eye to eye 
turn a blind eye 
more than meets the eye 
give me the eye 
in the blink of an eye 
eyes wide open 
catch my eye
cry your eyes out
feast your eyes on this
public eye
private eye 
without batting an eye 
the eye of the beholder 
all eyes on me

Sharon said that
Gillian said that
Lucy has a hairy muff
Rachel said
Samantha said that
Helen didn’t have enough
Sarah said that
Someone said
That Donna has a landing strip
But Michael said
That David said
That donna has a hair lip
Heather said
That Susan said
She tried a razor on her ‘tash
But Amy said
That Susan needs
To also use it on her gash
body hair
Two dirty words
Did you see she didn’t shave?
Don't she know
There’s certain ways
We girls are told how to behave?
And now we’re “old”
And no-one cares
About removing hair
(Apart from
all the random ones
that sprout up everywhere)
And i guess one day
We probably won't
Care about them either
And wonder why
We spent so long
On body hair procedure.

Trinity 1 

Made with fresh flowers 

That stain with the onset of 

Puberty and growth

Trinity 2 

Slowly decaying 

Changing form through the seasons 

Becoming fragile 

Trinity 3

Leaves with no colour 

Yet structure still holding fast 

Like a memory

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Eyes x2.jpg
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